I have gained the knowledge, and earned the credibility to be a leader in the beauty industry. I try to always stay ahead of the curve on industry trends and be able to identify what customers want. My main focus on this page is to educate and empower women to feel confident in their abilities when it comes to makeup application. Shana A King
DISCLAIMER: SKBE provides content, for general information purposes only. I do not sell or represent any product line. All reviews are based on my personal opinion and all products I have tested on myself or my actual clients. The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only.

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  1. yes mrs king I’M looking to get my first pedicure however, what I need to do as far as keepng my feet looking nice & tone as far as feet & foot nails? what is your secret as well as Tracye Hutchins for keeping your feet & nails nice?

    • Thanks for your question Roy. It is important to up keep the length and file on a bi monthly basis. This will prevent ridges, in grown nails and breakage. Hope this helps. Shana

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