How to create quick fun weekend hair

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to The Hamptons, and let me tell you the pressure was on… from Polo matches to cocktails at Nobu looking polished is no joke.

I had to get ready on the fly and create new looks within minutes of heading out to our next destination. Here are some of the fun tricks I used to help create awesome hairstyles in minutes.

Product Must Haves:

– No snag clear small elastics

– Color matched bobby pins

– Texture powder

– Long last hair spray

– Smoothing serum

Helpful hints:

– It is a fact that dirty hair styles better. So if you have freshly cleaned locks added a little texturizing powder to the roots and massage in

– Curling hair in large sections using wave iron, chunky curling iron or hot rollers usually adds volume that can last through a few styles so try to do this at the beginning of your weekend.

Fun faux bob:

Step 1: take the small clear elastic and depending on the length of your hair create a loose pony tail

Step 2. tuck pony tail underneath hair and pin in place.

Step 3: gently pull out small pieces adding additional dimension to the look. Softly curl if needed

Step 4: set with hairspray

Bardot Bombshell

Step 1: with a comb or small brush gently backcomb top section of hair

Step 2: use fingers to teeze up the hair at the base of your neck to add extra volume and lift

Step 3. comb out top section until smooth and use booby pins to set in place

Step: add a curl enhancer to extra bounce

Sexy Bun

Step 1: slick back hair using smoothing lotions and create a pony tail, I prefer a high bun. But that’s up to you;)

Step 2: teeze bun to create texture

Step 3: begin to twirl pony tail around until all hair has been tucked, and pin in place

Step 4: create a high gloss finish by using a shine spray at the end of look

Have a great weekend, Shana 🙂

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