Teen Makeup

During our teenage years we are on a search to find self-expression. Often this comes out in how we dress, apply makeup and style our hair. Teenage skin can be very delicate and how we treat our skin during this important time can often shape our beauty routine later on in life. It is so important to educate teens on the proper way to take care of skin and also how they can still have fun with makeup without needing too many products.

Here are some of my tips: 

1. A regular skin care routine is the most important thing to start. Cleansing twice a day making, sure to wash away oil and dirt build up, applying moisturizer with sunscreen will all help to ensure the start of healthy skin and can prevent breakouts

2. Don’t share products with your friends, cross contaminating will only add to oils and bacteria

3. Make sure to keep your products air tight, properly close caps and leave them in a room temperature drawer

4. Have fun with color, focus on applying bright color to the nails & lip glosses

5. Use a brush to apply your products instead of fingers, and make sure to wash brushes at least twice a month. (Use luke warm water and rinse until water is clear then air dry flat)

My top product suggestions for teens:

– Light application of pressed or loose powder will help reduce the appearance of an oily t-zone

– Gel cheek & lip tint is a super easy and fun way to add a hint of color and it’s also perfect for on the go (Sephora makes one of my favorites)

– Apply a light color mascara to lift and volumnize your eyes. I suggest staying away from jet black as it adds a heavy look and will smudge under the eye area

– Go for lip gloss in any fun shade. Perfect to add subtle pop of color and shine, and they are easy to apply

– Most importantly have fun girls:) And know that you are all beautiful just as you are:)

Have a fantastic week, Shana

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