Hair styling do’s and don’ts

Recreating salon hair can be easy if you follow a few simple steps.

1. Make sure you start by taking the time to properly wash your hair. Concentrate by shampooing the areas that produce the most oil (typically in the roots). The same rule applies for conditioning, apply product to ends of hair where the most dryness occurs. This will also help you go an extra day without having to wash your hair.

2. Choose styling products that work with your hair texture, usually your stylist can help guide you. Volumizing mousse for thin and fine hair, smoothing products for color treated or damaged locks (you get the picture…)

3. If you are going to try the latest trend like Ombre, start out with a subtle change before going drastic to make sure you are going to be ready for the transformation. Unless of course you are the just go for it type of personality;)

4. Watch the temperature or heat level for your irons, having them too hot can burn and damage ends.

5. Invest in a good brush, when drying and brushing they can help smooth out ends and prevent breakage during styling. Mason Pearson is a splurge but one of my absolute favorites –,default,pd.html?q=Mason%20Pearson&index=3

6. Keep a few bobby pins on hand. Just taking a few pieces off your face can instantly change your look. They even make color pins that match your hair shade, which is a great way to style in secret.

7. For easy updos at home, check out a tutorial like this one on how to create a waterfall braid –

8. Most importantly have fun, like the saying goes “it’s just hair it will grow back”

Make sure to check out my latest feature on Ombre trends looks.

Have a great day, Shana

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2 thoughts on “Hair styling do’s and don’ts

  1. Nice tips.. i have heard that using a brush damages hair more then using a comb.. is it true..???

    • It depends on the brush. Natural bristles tend to damage hair less than plastic. I find that hair is most delicate when it is still wet so paying extra attention to the type of brush you use to comb out when hair is damp will help prevent breakage. Thanks for stopping by my page Nancy!

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