A Day in the life

People often ask me “What do you do, or how did you get into this business”? So I have decided to write a quick post on how I started in the business, what inspires me and some of the fabulous things I get to do each day.

Not sure if many of you know this but I am originally from Toronto, Canada and moved to Atlanta almost 6 years ago to further my career in the world of beauty.  My love of cosmetics started at a very early age, I use to watch my grandmother get ready and was in awe with the process and products.

I took the leap and decided to go to school  for a Fashion & Cosmetics Business MGT Degree and I have never looked back. My first job out of school was working as a stylist intern for one of Canada’s top fashion designers. I soon recognized that I had a definite affinity for beauty and it was at that point I changed lanes. I accepted a position with Aveda and knew I had made the right choice.

Fast forward a few years and I fell into Product Design and Development with a CDN brush company. And that was it, I instantly became committed to creating and inspiring brush designs that effectively paired with cosmetic formulas. And that is what led me here.

I am currently the Beauty Director at Anisa International Inc. and spend most of my time working closely with our development team and customers to create the ultimate tools that will enhance the user’s experience during makeup application.

And if that wasn’t enough… My Beauty Expert role allows me to give back to women (and men) all over the globe through education and training.

I find I get most of my inspiration through my travels. I am always looking for the latest and greatest products across all industries from lifestyle to fashion; function and innovation comes in many forms.

I never stop learning, growing and appreciating. This industry is amazing, we are amazing and it is so much more than a lipstick and blush brush world.

Happy Friday, Shana

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