Sunscreen 101

Okay here it is, a quick breakdown and easy reference for any of you that get confused (like me) on what SPF actually means and how to understand the numbers..

SPF stands for – Sun Protection Factor, calculating how much sun exposure/UV rays it will take to burn your skin when it is unprotected. So this means the higher the SPF the longer it will protect your skin

Broad Spectrum means it protects your skin against UVA & UVB rays

You should apply sunscreen liberally and make sure it is fully absorbed into your skin before going into the water. Experts say you should reapply every 2 hours (especially during peak hours)

The sun rays are much more powerful during peak hours (starting at 1pm) so make sure to watch your exposure during these times

And research has suggested that SPF of 50 or higher has shown no significant difference in the level of protection

Enjoy the sun responsibly. And wear a hat 🙂

Here is a great chart that helps you calculate the correct SPF based on your skin type and time exposed to the sun. –

Have a great day, Shana

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