Are you wearing the right bra?

I decided to go bra shopping this weekend and put my current size/fit to test. Turns out I have been wearing the wrong size!!  After two kids my body has changed and let’s admit it (for all the mothers out there) the girls just don’t sit where they use to.

It’s time to get some help, lift up and stand tall.

Here are some fit tips that really helped me during my bra shopping extravaganza:

1. If there is ever a time to spend a little more $, getting the right bra is one of them.

2. Go see a fit specialist, they will be able to help you with the right fit, and style within your price range.

3. If is rises up in the back it is too big.

4. When you bend over if more than half of your “ladies” hang out then the cup size is too small. When standing upright the cup should give you full coverage.

5. Remember that the bottom strap is what gives you the support not the shoulder straps.

6. If the shoulders straps dig and cause redness you either need to adjust the strap length or get a different size.

7. Keep different bras for different occasions. From t-shirt to demi it is good to have a selection that will work with your wardrobe.

8. Follow the care instructions, your bra’s will last longer and retain their shape.

Have a great start to your week, Shana.

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