How to prep for a date…

Let’s be honest, the anxiety we build up around a first date is enough to make you sick. What should I wear? How should I do my hair? Do I wear natural makeup or cover up everything? AHHHHH!!! We must stop the madness and understand that no one is perfect and we are all beautiful.

That being said… Their is something fun and exciting about getting ready to impress. So here are some fun tips & tricks to follow at home:

– Pick out your outfit in advance. I’m talking everything from shoes to accessories. You don’t want to waste precious beautification time scrambling around in your closet.

– If you are planning on hair removal whatever the body part (I’m just saying…) make sure you go at least 3 days before. That will give your skin  ample time to heal.

– Facials should be a week in advance to prevent breakouts the day of.

– Go for it and use the expensive body creams. They will make you feel luxurious not to mention your skin will have an extra glow and feel incredibly soft.

– If you kiss on the first date… Then I suggest staying away from bright lipsticks and opt for a neutral gloss (preferably non sticky) or a simple soft balm.

– Less is more when it comes to makeup. Focus on great skin and subtle illumination. Try mixing a liquid shimmer in with your foundation for an all over glow.

– Play up your lashes, their is nothing prettier than a full flutter.

– Polished hair you can run your fingers through is always a winner.

– Dab your favorite fragrance in all the right places. Behind your ears, on your wrists and even on your ankles. But make sure it is not too strong, their is nothing worse than an over powering perfume.

– Don’t be a afraid to read a few chapters of “Mars and Venus go on a Date”. Someone secretly put a copy on my desk and it really has some helpful information.

– And remember to have fun and that the best accessory is a smile!

Now get out there and knock em dead:) I’m also taking my own advice on this one folks…

With love, Shana

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