Easy ways to fake a tan

For some of us lounging on the beach just isn’t an option (not to mention it’s bad for us) So here are some fun and easy ways you can get your glow on.

– Skip the tanning bed!! Both expensive and harmful.

– Spray or air brush tanning can be an option but they are costly.

– Try at home self tanning lotions, gels and foams. Make sure you exfoliate before applying and apply in a circular motion until product has been fully absorbed into the skin. Be careful not to apply too much product to knees, ankles and elbows and give your hands a good scrub after applying. Wait about 10-15 mins before you put on clothes and stay away from anything white for at least 12 hours.

– Try a long wear bronzing lotion. It will add a hint color & shimmer but washes off with soap and water with no streaks.

– When in doubt a powder based bronzer applied with a large surface powder brush works great.

– Tanning towelletes are quick and easy for on the go applications they even make small ones for your face (although I tend to stay away from any tanners for the face…)

– If you are out in the sunshine for some natural VIT D, do yourself a favor and wear sunscreen.

Have a great day! Shana

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