Fun tips for great summer feet.

It’s that time of year when we want to show off our hot summer sandals. Follow these easy tips and product recommendations for manicured tootsies all summer long.

First things first, make sure you are buying sandals that fit you.. My rule of thumb is if I can’t walk in them, I shouldn’t be buying them…

Here’s what you will need in your pedicure kit:

– I love a weekly foot soak, so relaxing and helps stimulates tired and sore feet. Try Sally Hansen’s Foot Soak –

– A pumice stone or foot file, you can do this everyday if need be before or during your shower works best.

– A concentrated foot cream to help reduce dry and flaky skin. (I love this! You apply cream right before bed an then put on an old pair of socks – your feet will be brand new when you wake up)

– A fun selection of bright summer hues and a no-chip top coat to make your pedi’s last longer in between polishes.

No for those of you that prefer to have someone else do you feet here are a couple of tips to follow;

– Opt out on the foot masks and scrubs they will jack up the price and you can do all of that fancy stuff at home.

– To save money in between pedicures go in for a quick polish change. Usually around $5-7 and it makes a big difference.

– Let your polish dry for at least 4 hours before putting on sandals. nothing worse that spending $ and then messing them up as soon as you walk outside..

Have a great week everyone. Shana

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