Behind the Scenes

I was invited to be the lead makeup artist for a photo shoot last week, the look was inspired by Mad Men. There are so many little things you need to be prepared for when dealing with more than 1 face. So I thought I would give a little insight into being a MUA for a day. It’s a tough gig:)

– I always like to pull inspiration for my looks. Celebrity pics, product trends etc. That way I know going in what I want the final look to say.

– Then it’s all about packing my kit (an art form in and of itself…) I separate by products. Foundation & concealer, blush & bronzers – you get the picture.

– I can’t go to a shoot without thoroughly cleaning each and every brush and washing down my brush bag. There is something about dirty brushes & brush rolls that is just plain yucky to me. (of course I clean as I go during the brush shoot but I find a great over night clean leaves brushes softer than a quick alcohol based cleanser).

– After I pack all my color & tools I then go into my skin prep (you never know). I bring eye makeup remover, face wash and moisturizers because I can’t do makeup on skin that isn’t fully prepped.

– Don’t forget about hand sanitizer 7 breathe mints…

Now you are ready to start the makeup…

– First I start by assessing the skin of each client. Do they need additional skin care, are there any skin conditions I am dealing with like breakouts or sensitivity.

– Then it’s time to apply your base, I use a Kroylan HD palette which has like 20 shades. I can mix and match until I come up with the perfect blend.

– For intense eye looks I suggest saving the base for last so you don’t have to touch up the under eye area too many times due to product dusting.

– Once I am done I walk around and study my clients from every angle making sure the eyes are identical and that I don’t not need to blend or soften any where else.

Being a makeup artist is so fun and creative but don’t let that fool you. It is hard work!! I give so much credit to all my fellow MUA who are out there everyday hustling. Thank you for all that you do:)


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