Hair removal do’s and dont’s

Shaving, waxing, depilatory lotions; there are so many options these days. Before you decide on which method is best for you follow these steps to make sure your skin doesn’t experience a bad reaction.

– Do a patch test, your skin should let you know immediately if it is irritated.

– Create a budget, some procedures like waxing can add up each month.

– Make sure to not wax, shave or use hair removal creams on any open sores.

– Do not take a hot shower, steam or bath for up to 24 hrs post wax.

– Try to avoid sweating post waxing.

– If you shave, don’t use a dull razor and make sure to replace often. Also the more lather the better.

– Depilatory creams while fast and efficient can have some cons. Strong odor and short terms results to name a few so when choosing your brand opt for one that offers some additional benefit like essential oils soothing or moisturizing.

– And most importantly make sure to skip any body scrubs, brushes and general exfoliation for 24 hours. Skin is sensitive after any type of hair removal and you want to avoid any additional trauma to the skin.

Happy Hump Day – Shana


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