Do you need to break up with your hair stylist?

I’ll freely admit that I have been guilty of breaking things off with my stylist without actually telling them… Why do we feel so guilty? It may have something to do with the fact that as women (and men) our hair makes a statement about who we are and how we want to be perceived. Thus putting massive pressure on finding the right fit.

Here are a few tips to determine if its time to love them or leave them… 

1. Do you go home and fix or redo your do?? This is the most obvious of signs and a waste of time and money.. If so, leave them

2. Does your stylist really listen to what you want? Or do they spend most of the time telling you what they think.. If not, leave them

3. Do you feel rushed during your appointment? A great stylist will make sure to have enough time to begin/consult your service and properly walk you to the cash out area.. Leave them

4. Do they up sell their talent and under deliver? Leave them.

Now lets focus on some positive things to look out for:)

1. Do they greet you with your first name upon arrival? Love them.

2. Do they ask you if you want a refreshment? Love them.

3. Does your service start within 10 minutes of appointment time or do they call ahead with any schedule changes? Love them.

4. Do they ask you about how you have been and what they can do today for you to leave feeling fabulous? Love them.

5. I swear you can tell so much about a stylist by how they shampoo your hair.. (Moot point for all the super fancy places that have an assistant – we love you too…) The longer they scrub the better. Love them.

A great hair stylist is hard to find, so if you found one you love don’t let them go.  My one piece of advice is to also communicate with them, tell them when you like or dislike something.

Have a great week all, hope everyone had a great long weekend. Shana

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