Take that PMS…

Here it comes, the time of the month that turns us into crazed versions of our otherwise normal selves.. Some of the fun side effects we can expect are; puffiness, bloating, skin breakouts, aches and pains, lack of energy, tried and dull looking skin.  Many of you ask, “Is there anything we can do to make PMS manageable”? There are a couple of tips you can try;

– Skip high salt and sugar foods at all costs. Unfortunately our bodies seem to crave them even though they are the worst things for us. They cause the puffiness, oiliness and breakouts. So try to choose healthier snacks and meals choices.

– Make sure you are getting your 8 glasses of H2O a day. Hydrating is key to keep everything flowing.

– Take a little extra time to cleanse your face morning and night (at least 30 seconds). This will help lift up any oil and dirt build up which can reduce break outs.

– Book facials, massages and hair appointments during your cycle; a little extra boost in the beauty department will go a long way.

– Don’t wear tight clothes. Anything that is restricting will only make you feel more bloated.

– Exercise. Working out when you feel like you have no energy will actually help you recharge, trust me you will feel great afterwards.

– As much a you want to curl up in a ball, try to stretch and meditate. It may help take your mind and pain away for a few minutes.

– Try not to watch too many chick flicks… HA, the sappy movies tend to bring out the real PMS monsters..

– Be nice even if you don’t want to and apologize in advance for anyone that may get in your PMS war path.

– Rub essentials oils like lavender and chamomile on your tummy when cramping. The calming aroma and soothing properties of the oils can help relieve symptoms.


Have a great evening, Shana

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