Contouring & Highlighting – The Basic Steps

Many women out there don’t understand the importance of highlighting and contouring and how you can truly transform your face shape with a few steps. I have put together some easy to follow techniques & a product list to get you started.

The tools you will need:

  • Corrective concealer palette
  • Matte shadow in neutral tones
  • Setting powder
  • Blush
  • Brightening powder/liquid
  • Illuminating shadows
  • Angled eye & cheek brush
  • Small domed tip brush


  1. The first thing you need to know is the difference between the 2, and when and where you apply the product to achieve the look.
  2. Highlighting effect will bring attention to an area. For example; brow bone, cheek bone, inner corner of the eye.
  3. You can achieve this quite simply by applying an illuminating shadow (think 2 shades lighter than your skin tone).
  4. To pop cheek bones apply product to the tip of brush (preferable a soft domed brush) and blend in to the top of cheek bone and follow upwards to the outside of brow bone.
  5. To pop and open up the eyes, gently press highlighting shadow with a small domed tip brush to the inner corner of the eye.


  1. Contour will help create depth and dimension to an area.
  2. The area of the face and eye you typically will contour are eye crease, cheeks, nose and even the jaw line.
  3. You achieve this look by applying a matte product into those areas (typically 2 shades darker than your skin tone).
  4. To add intensity to the eye crease area, use a small domed tip eye brush (sometimes referred to as a stipple or crease brush) and work product into the crease area.
  5. For contouring the cheek use an angled blush brush and apply product along the base of the cheek bone working outwards towards the hair-line.
  6. To minimize nose structure apply contour shadow long both sides of the nose and blend to soften.

Check out Kevyn Aucion’s book Making Faces to see some unbelievable contouring & highlighting looks.

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