Do they work??

Are they worth it??

I want to post about a topic I discussed during my CBS Better Morning video shoot today. I would call it a product myth buster of sorts. Focusing on product claims like, lip plumpers, lash growth serums etc. Are they worth the money?!

Lip plumbers products

Here’s the deal – I have tried them all and while I love the tingling sensation and the peppermint freshness they provide I would not say they really enhance the size of your lips. The only thing that can pout your pucker like Angelina Jolie is either great genetics or a visit to a plastic surgeon…

Lash Growth Serums

I have seen some amazing before and after images with serums. Although I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to anything around the eye area. My experience with this “miracle” product was so so at best. I found that it caused the skin around my lash line (specifically where product was applied) turned dark within a week of use. I say invest in a good mascara and lash curler instead.

At home peels

Now these I give 2 thumbs up. Provided you follow the at home instructions and stick with a regular routine, you should see noticeable results. These products are also a great way to maintain your skin in between peels/microderm facials.

Stay tuned for my TV segment where I will be discussing some of the above questions. Have a great evening, Shana

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