How to buy clothes that fit you

This post was inspired by my half day search for the perfect t-shirt… We are often judged on what we wear so our clothes better fit!!

Here are she fun tips to follow when trying and buying clothes.

  • This is a borrowed tip – thanks Joseline. To measure if a skirt will fit, use the top of a skirt (folded) and wrap around your neck if it goes all the way around without choking you … It should be the right size
  • Do you see pulls or ribbing in the material or pockets? If yes, it is probably too small
  • To check to see if you are trying on the right size for jackets, blazers and fitted blouses, move your arms back and forth to see if the shoulders feel tight
  • Do the sit test, I always have to sit down when I try on pants. I sit at my desk so if they are not comfortable for a few seconds they will be awful for a full day at work
  • I recommend bringing a few pairs of shoes when trying on pants, this will help determine if you are buying the right hem length or if they will need to be altered
  • Add a few layers when trying on blazers and jackets

Have a great Tuesday and make sure to stop by again and check out my CBS Better Mornings beauty video segments scheduled to air later this week. Shana

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