Lip & Cheek Tricks

After seeing last night’s red carpet,  I found my eye kept jumping to the glamorous lips of movies’ leading ladies, with their lightly flushed cheeks playing a strong supporting role. Here are some quick and easy steps to add color to your lips and cheeks for the perfect red carpet glow.


  •  To contour–using an angled blush brush  apply color into the base of your cheek bone to add depth and dimension
  • To create a natural flush (see Michelle Williams to the right)–apply a light dusting of cheek color into the apple area
  •  Use cheek tint–it’s a great option for a 2-in-1 product that will give you a rosy finish


  • For lip color that lasts into the after party–apply lip pencil to the entire surface of the lip area and blend out, this will help lip color and gloss last longer
  •  To add fullness to a thinner lip–apply light eyeshadow to the centre upper and lower lips and finish with gloss
  •  To accentuate the curve of the lips–use a small tip brush and apply a very light eye shadow around the outer lip line on both the top and bottom lips, this will even out lip color and provide a hint of highlighter
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One thought on “Lip & Cheek Tricks

  1. I have never used eyeshadows on lips! Thats a great idea 🙂

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