How to properly use facial tools

There are so many options to create a professionally inspired facial these days but too many choices can leave most of us confused, broke and unsatisfied.

The bottom line is if you don’t know how to use it – you won’t. So leave that to me, I have tried and tested them all:)

  • Clarisonic/Vibrating Facial brushes – A great option for a deep clean. Some brands offer up a cleanser but you can really use any product you want – it will not change the result. In most cases when used daily it does provide a deeper cleanse than just washing alone. The trick is to  GENTLY apply in a circular motion covering all areas of face, neck and dec0lette. You can over exfoliate and even though the bristles are super soft going over the same area too many times can cause redness and irritation.
  • Facial steamers – Provide a unique head shape that allows you to customize heat & level of the steam. But with an SRP of $150 + I think there is nothing better than a pot of boiling water and a towel (just my opinion)
  • High Frequency devices – Promotes healthy circulation, skin tightening and helps to clear up problematic acne all in an easy to transport handheld device. These procedures at a spa can rack up the $$, so worth the small investment upfront.  Be careful to always read the manual & instructions (also check out manufactures guarantees). The small accessories and implements can be highly fragile so travel and store with caution.
  • Extraction tools – Great for clearing up in those hard to reach areas. This tool is inexpensive and worth the pain during application. My only tip is if you are dealing with a stubborn area do not push it, you could break the skin. Also follow a normal facial routine prior to ensure skin pores are open and ready for removal

Have a great week and try to take some time for you:) Shana

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