How to choose the right foundation color.

Choosing the shade can be simple if you follow these easy steps;

– Know your skin type before you walk up to the counter. Most cosmetic brands offer formulas that pair with many different skin types example, oily, combination & sensitive

– Then its all about the color choice. I recommend doing a patch test; this is when you apply the product to your jaw line down into the neck. This will allow you to really match up your skin tone

– Apply several different color choices following the above application technique

– Then walk away and take a mirror with you. Try to find the most natural light you can, this will give a true color read

– You want to select the color that is the closest match on both the neck and jaw line. Foundation should not be obvious (a tip I wish someone told me a long time ago)

Have a great weekend! Shana

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2 thoughts on “How to choose the right foundation color.

  1. I am woking on a blog post myself about this subject…Love getting your post on my email. Makes sure I don’t miss them and always great to read.

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