Sleep is the best kept beauty secret.

Are you finding that you are getting less and less sleep as you age? How many of you can function on less than 5 hours per night? The truth is being sleep deprived is one of the worst things for us and can have many negative side effects on the way we look. Tired droopy looking eyes, ashen skin; the list could go on and on.

Here are some tips that have helped me recently.

– Don’t drink caffeine after 3 pm (you should be limiting caffeinated beverages anyway to 1-2 max per day)

– Limit your sugar intake, skip the candies and sweets before bed

– Stretching or meditating 15 minutes before bed can help put you in the mood by relaxing your muscles and joints

– There is nothing like a hot bubble bath with some aromatherapy

– Escape by reading a book for a few minutes (advice from my mother)

– Take a few deep breaths

– This was a big one for me. Create your dream bed, I recently purchased a new pillow & a new set of sheets and it made all the difference in the world

– Write down any negative thoughts you need to purge before getting into bed

– If you try all of these tips and still need help, then I suggest trying an herbal night-time tea or melatonin. If at all possible stay away from prescription sleeping aids

Have a great weekend everyone, Shana

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One thought on “Sleep is the best kept beauty secret.

  1. Anisa Telwar on said:

    love the write out any negative thoughts before bed, great idea

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