Exercises you can do at work

Sitting all day long can put you in a slump (quite literally). There are actually many quick and easy exercises you can do while sitting at your desk or during your break that will tighten, tone and give you a boost of energy.

– First of all make sure you make sure to keep your posture in check. Sit upright with the base of your back right up against the back of the chair

– For a glut and leg charge, tightly squeeze and pulse your legs 20 times for 3 reps

– Hit the wall and do some push ups (adjust your leg distance from the wall depending on the level of intensity you want) 15 push ups x 3 reps

– Stretch out your core by sitting up right in your chair and turning as far as you can on both sides, make sure to breathe while doing this exercise 30sec/1 min per side 2-3 reps

– Do some arm dips using your chair 15 times for 3 reps

– You make look funny doing it but try squatting to the break room

– This is easy get out and have a walking lunch

Have a great weekend, Shana:)

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