Stay fabulous all night long this NYE

It’s about to be the night we all look forward to every year!! We spend hours grueling over what dress to wear and if you have picked out the right shoes or not. I always find that when I finally get to my destination something goes wrong. A few years back I started to bring someone beauty 911 products. Here is my list for a fool-proof party.

– Miss Opps rescue sponge. It will melt away the white residue left behind from deodorant (it’s about the size of a powder compact)

– I find I always pick shoes that are way to uncomfortable to withstand an entire evening of dancing, I like to use gel inserts or small bandages on the balls of my feet. For an extra boost I actually rub in peppermint oil to the bottom of my tender tootsies(Vicks Vap-O rub even works) keeps things flowing

– Breathe Spray – enough said

– Safety Pins can mend a broken purse/necklace or even a loose hem line

– I ALWAYS roll up an extra pair of nylon’s. Being the girl with a run is such a downer

– A couple of strips of double-sided tape (you can cut them to the size you need)

– Emergency packet (your body will thank you after that last glass of bubbly)

And of course the usual suspects; face blotters, lip gloss/lip stick. I even bring a small white highlighting stick and half way during the evening I apply to inner corner of my eyes to brighten up my eyes.

Hope you all have a safe and amazing start to 2012! It is sure to be an amazing year.

With love, Shana

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One thought on “Stay fabulous all night long this NYE

  1. love the idea of the white highlighting stick! would defo try that!!
    great list shana! x

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