Finding the right jeans for any body type.

We all dread it, so we often forget it… Jean shopping can be just as painful as a trip to the dentist. Mainly because we are self-conscious, there are too many options and we don’t know what styles to pair with our frame.

Here are some helpful shopping tips;

– Save the trip until after your monthly visitor has packed their bags, for obvious reason we do not feel at our best during that time

– Don’t bring the friend that always has to give her 2 cents. Sometimes going by yourself is the best option, only you will know how you feel in them

– Make an afternoon of it. Being in a rush will only cause frustration and impulse purchases

– Have a plan of attack. Map out which stores are most likely to carry the brands you are wanting to try on

– Research some styles before hand. Many of our favorite magazines offer up fit suggestions;

– Become friends with the sales consultant, let them do the running around for different sizes –  jean shopping is exhausting enough

– Try on at least 10 pairs, that way you can compare

– Splurge on a pair that fits you. If you find the right style and shape they will become your best friend so go for it (you deserve it)

– If you have to do a “jean stretch” before attempting to pull up the zipper, they may be too small

– When trying on wear the shoes you will most likely pair with the style; boots, heels, flats etc

– Also do a pre wash (especially with darker denim) to help the color from running onto other clothes. And don’t over dry the first time, you just finally got the right fit so don’t shrink them…

Have a great week!

And make sure to stop by my FB page;  On Dec 8th my 1st 12 days of Beauty will begin! There will be lots of fun giveaways and tips.

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