Hats for Everyone…

It is the season for fabulous layers, cape coats and tall boots why not finish it off by adding a gorgeous hat. I know what you are all  going to say, “hats don’t look good on me”, or “I don’t know what hat to choose”.

This fall/winter there is a hat to match any face and style

– Choose hats that will go with your sense of style

– Have fun with color, this is your chance to fashion that bright hue

– If you are going for a bold hat, tone down your outfit and let the hat do the talking

– Invest in some hat boxes, they will help keep the shape

– Most of all  – HAVE FUN your hat choice can express your personality

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2 thoughts on “Hats for Everyone…

  1. Rachel Pickett on said:

    but what about hat head??? any tips for making sure your coiff isn’t squished or does winter hats have to equal ponytails?

    • Great question. A few answers that may help, first of all you want you make sure your hat isn’t too tight, that can cause your hair to have the kinked out looked. And secondly, if you want to wear your hair back put it in a loose ponytail it will help soften the look. Hope this helps.

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