Winter Pedicures.

Even though we have packed away our favorite sandals for the season, keeping up with  – what I call “foot maintenence” will ensure that those tender tootsies remain in shape all year round.

Here are a some fun ways to keep your feet beach ready without the expense of a monthly trip to the nail shop.

– Invest in a good pumice stone or brush. Try to scrub the balls and heels of your feet at least once a week

– Nothing beats an aromatherapy foot soak after a long day

– Moisturize over night, It’s as easy as 1 2 3. Use a body or foot balm (Vaseline, works great as well), apply liberally and then grab a old pair of socks and forget about it

– Go “Au Naturel”, give your nails a break from repeated polish applications

– Don’t forget about the cuticles, they still need to be looked after

– For an extra boost, use an old tennis ball and place under the bottom of your feet and rock back and forth (I love this just to release tension)

Have a great week. And make sure to stop by my Facebook Page for daily tips and techniques.

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One thought on “Winter Pedicures.

  1. Anisa Telwar on said:

    love the tennis ball suggestion, thanks!

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