Hair Essentials

Does anyone else get confused and overwhelmed when they walk in to the hair section at their favorite retailer? With so many products too choose from how do you know where to start??? It has taken me a long time to figure out how to fix my hair woe’s.

Get down to the basics;

– Spend some time with your locks. Figure out the texture and thickness, it will be easier to choose the rights products

– Know your lifestyle, are you a mom on the go, do you work up a daily sweat at the gym? Knowing how much time you need to spend on your hair each day will allow you to plan ahead

– Create a budget. With so many price points you need to set aside a monthly allowance to take care of your hair

Some helpful tips;

– Opt for the litre sizes in shampoo and conditioner, although intially it may seem like a bigger investment it will actually work out to be cheaper per use that buying the small bottles every 2-3 months

– Only shampoo and condition where you need it. Focus on lather where you hair gets naturally oily (the roots) then follow with conditioner only at the ends

– If you don’t have to wash your hair every day, leave it alone. It will help protect your hair against dryness and split ends and your color will also last longer. For the work out guru’s use a dry shampoo in between workouts

– Don’t load your hair up on styling creams and oils, it will add build up and unwanted oils to your hair

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