Is it time for a Makeup purge?

We spring clean our homes, aim for a twice a year body cleanse so why do we leave our makeup drawers to collect dust?

Too often we cling on to makeup far past its prime. I think because many of us hold on to the hope that at some point we may learn how to use it or that it may just apply itself… So here are some tips for makeup clean up.

1. If you have not used it in over a year toss it

2. If it has a funky smell it has mostly likely gone bad so let it go

3. Is it the right shade for you, by now you should know your skin and what colors look best against it (if you don’t then make sure to stay close by)

4. Are you scrapping out the corners of the eye shadows compacts, get rid of it there isn’t any product left

Makeup much like clothing has its peak. Less is more and it’s better to have 6 products that you love and use everyday than a drawer full that goes to waste.

Another fun idea is to swap. Invite your friends over maybe they will get more use out of your purple eye shadow palette than you will. One women’s trash is another’s treasure:)

Happy Friday and Happy Purging;)

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