Trend looks on a budget

We all like to strut our stuff like we are on the runway… But let’s be honest it’s expensive.  Here are some easy ways to get the looks you want for less..

I love to pick up my “beauty must have’s” for each season. I usually check out all the magazines and make a shopping list. The other tip I recommend is checking out beauty products that have recently won consumer awards.

One of my favorite looks for this season is “Charm School” an ultra feminine look that has gorgeous tones of pretty pinks with a subtle eye. This particular article lists out all the products used to achieve the look (
If you love the gloss but not the price tag then print off the page and go shopping. Test out as many shades as you can until you find the perfect fit. If it’s CVS or Saks there are products out there to meet any budget.

Tips during application: 1. Tape the picture of the look to your mirror for easy reference 2. Lay all of the products you will need on your counter for quick access.

Being a savvy shopper is the way of the world  these days so shop around look for deals, you will be just as fabulous and have a few extra dollars in your pocket to spare…

Like this story? Then stay tuned I will be creating a version of InStyle’s Splurge VS. Steal listing out top beauty bargains. Make sure to check out my FB page for daily beauty & wellness tips –




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One thought on “Trend looks on a budget

  1. Can’t wait for the splurge vs steal post!!

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