Blonde vs. Brunette

We’ve all heard that blondes have more fun or that brunette’s are smarter, are we really judged based on our hair color?

I recently decided to change up my hair for fall/winter by choosing darker blondes tones that would add warmth to my face. I have to say at first I didn’t like it. I got so use to seeing myself as a “light” blonde that this subtle change seemed massive at first. I gave it a few days and warmed up to it…

Why did I decide to change well a few reasons;

  1. The wear and tear on your hair over time with bleach based color causes damage, dryness and breakage
  2. It’s expensive, I was having to go every 4 -6 weeks for touch ups
  3. My highlight appointments would take up to 3.5 hours
  4. I think it’s good to shake it up every once and awhile

Some hair color recommendations;

  1.    “Try before you buy”, I love this virtual makeover site,
  2.    Always go for semi – permanent color, this way you are safe if you want to change it back
  3.     Choose shades that will work with your skin and eye color
  4.     Seek professional help, color in a box can be challenging and never seems to turn out the way it is suppose too    
  5.     Have fun, it’s just hair;)
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