Fun Ways to reuse your Halloween Makeup

Out there lashes
Here are a few simple ways to reuse those big bold false lashes for an everyday look.
Give them a trim…
– If you prefer a full lash strip vs. single lashes simply take manicure or brow scissors and carefully trim the ends to your desired length.
– For a natural outer lash boost, cut individual lash pieces from base to tip and then trim length as desired.
– Once they have been applied, finish the look by adding a small amount of mascara overtop to blend real and false lashes together.

TIP: I prefer to use tinted adhesive, you can find in shades of black and deep browns. 

Glamour Glitter
Try these easy to follow steps to add some subtle illumination to your skin..
– For a natural day time glow, add a few sprinkles of glitter to your moisturizer or foundation.
– To pump up your lips, apply a small amount of glitter to the tip of your brush and add to the center of your lips finishing with a clear gloss
– Want to brighten your eyes, blend glitter with a light shadow (try white, gold or taupe) use a small pointed tip brush and gently pat into the corner of your eye.

TIP: Make sure to tap of your brush before you begin, this will help remove excess product and not weigh your look down. 

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