Makeup application – The Basics. Part 6

Lips, Last but definitely not Least

Applying the right amount of lip color or lip-gloss at the end of your makeup application will complete your look.

–        Before you begin apply some lip moisturizer/balm so your lips are not dry. Your lip products will go on much nicer.

–        Are you sick of your lip color & lip-gloss fading after ½ hour. Try penciling in a soft nude lip liner over the surface of your lips. That way when your color fades slightly you will still have a base

–        For lipstick, if you apply directly from the stick it will give a heavier application,  to soften it use a lip brush to apply it.

–        Gloss works great in the center of the lips on top of lipstick it will enhance the shape.

–        Lip gloss is a great alternative and a more natural option for an everyday look.

–        Make sure you are choosing the right shade of lipstick and lip liner. And don’t use a dark lip liner with a light lipstick, unless you are going to an 80’s party!!

–        Exfoliate your lips especially during the winter months. Chapped lips are never attractive.

–        Last important tip, review your makeup, are your eyes heavy and intense? If they are then make sure to tone down your lips, it will even out your look.

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