Makeup application – The Basics. Part 5

Mascara, Who says you need flashes lashes!!

Not sure if you all agree, for me I feel naked without mascara on. If I have on nothing else, I will always throw on a quick application of mascara.

Here are some easy to follow steps to lift those lashes:

–        Choose the right mascara for you. Are your lashes short and fine or long and luscious? There are so many variations out there, from volumizing to thickening.

–        I know we have all done this before however, pumping the mascara wand doesn’t do anything except add air into the product, which causes it to dry out and clump easily

–        Once you have removed the wand from the mascara tube begin to apply to your upper lashes. I like to hold my wand at the base of lashes for a few seconds, I find it locks it the product better and lashes don’t fall over time. Then apply in a side to side motion making sure to cover each lash evenly

–        I also apply a coat to both sides of lashes as well. Now for those that like to apply a second coat, do it quickly, once the mascara has dried it will go on clumpy

–        If you do notice clumps during your application use a lash brush or spoolie to finely comb out any clumps

–        For extra fine lashes try using a lash primer before you begin, it needs to dry thoroughly so be patient

–        I do not recommend a heavy application of mascara on the bottom lashes. If you must, be gentle and lightly go over the lashes

–        For a Saturday night out go for colored mascara, it will give an extra boost to your eye’s

–        Most importantly, wash it off at the end of the night!! When mascara gets dry and flaky it can break off your lashes

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4 thoughts on “Makeup application – The Basics. Part 5

  1. Hi Shana — I love your blog and have a question about mascara. Do the different mascara wand sizes, shapes and materials really make a difference and how do I know what is best for me? My lashes are long, but not very thick, and tend to break easily.


    • When dealing with any type of makeup choice you want to pick a product that will best suit you. In this case, the wand shape and size would make a difference in the overall look and performance. For longer lashes a thickening formula will work best. Try holding the wand against the lash line for a few seconds before applying to the rest of the lashes, I find this helps add thickness right to the base. To help prevent breakage make sure you are replacing your mascara every 2-3 months and that you try not to pump the wand. This adds air to the formula that will ultimately dry it out over time (which could be causing your breakage) Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by. Shana

  2. Hi Shana,
    I’ve never worn mascara on my lower lashes, but would love to give it a try. Any tips for application? Have you tried the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara-would that help a novice such as myself?

    • I try to stay away from bottom lash mascara.. Mainly because over time it can rub off and create the appearance of dark circles. If you want to try a bottom lash effect, then as you are applying to your top lashes gently close eye lids together and it will “kiss” your bottom lashes adding just the right amount without over doing it.

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