Makeup application – The Basics. Part 4

The Eye’s Have Got it

Okay we have learned how important choosing the right shades are, so don’t stop at the eyes. Look at eye color, hair color and overall appearance of your skin. Choose shades that will enhance your coloring not take away from it.

Here are some simple points to follow: 

–        Always be sure to have a great base shadow, as this is how you will begin each shadow application.
–        Choose at least 3 different shades ranging from light to dark
–        Blend blend blend. Can’t say it enough, the trick is you can use as many different colors as you want, you just don’t want it to be obvious. That’s were blending comes in, use a larger blending or crease brush and lightly go over your eye lid soften each layer of color
–        Do not apply color under your brow bone, or use eye shadow past your eyebrows.
–        Recognize your age group, super shimmery eye shadows are not for everyone and will draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles
–        Smokey eyes do not have to be jet black, try using plums or chocolate browns, these colors tend to suit a broader spectrum.
–        A great way to open up the eyes is to use an eye brightener, white pencil or light shadow in the inner corner of the eye
–        If you find your eye shadow crease’s through out the day use an eye shadow primer before your application it minimizes product creasing and your look will last much longer
–        Don’t’ pull at your eye’s ladies. We all spend so much time and money trying to keep our eye areas looking youthful, pulling or tugging at your eyes will stretch the skin out over time.
–        Be gentle, our eyes are sensitive and they can be irritated easily. Make sure to always clean your brushes, don’t share products and make sure you know the shelf life of your products and replace when needed

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