Makeup application – The Basics. Part 3

Let’s Get Cheeky

Having just the right amount of cheek color can make all the difference. It will give you a healthy and soft glow without much effort. So make sure not to skip this step.

Color is in, so whatever shade you choose have fun with it. There are many types of cheek products, sculpting pressed blush, cream & mouse blush as well as blush sticks. Once you have decided your shade and look you are ready to begin.

For a natural look, you want to apply product lightly. I like to smile and start in the apple area. And then apply outwards toward the hairline.

For a dramatic look, use an angle or contour blush brush and apply along the base of the cheekbone.

For a rosy” just got out of the cold” look, try a cream blush in the centre of your cheek. This will give a dewy finish.

A few tips;

Tap off brush before application to dust off excess product. It is easier to add more color than it is too take away. So start soft.

For cream blush use a synthetic or cream cheek brush, the design and finish of the brush heads are created spefically for cream cheek products..

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