Makeup application – The Basics. Part 2

Concealer, don’t leave home without it  

Concealer is the most important step for many beauty lovers. Some even use concealer to replace foundation all together. Where some of us get confused is finding the right shade of concealer and also knowing how to apply it properly.

Here are some simple and easy tips to follow for the perfect application every time.

First you should examine your skin and look at the areas that require extra coverage. Do your eyes have dark circles or are you suffering from breakouts? Concealer adds a heavier coverage so you really want to apply this only where needed.

I recommend using a brush for concealer application for a few reasons;

1. When dealing with sensitive areas or skin conditions applying product with your fingers could add bacteria and oils that could result in additional problems.

2. Using a brush will allow you to work in more sensitive areas without irritating the area

3. You will not use or waste as much product

Okay now you are ready to go;

Apply concealer to the tip of your brush and begin by lightly applying product into the desired area. Be aware of the consistency of the product, for runnier concealers you will not need much. Once concealer has been applied, I then lightly apply translucent or pressed powder to set it. Your application should last you through out the day.

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