Makeup application – The Basics. Part 1

Stage One: Foundation, the perfect beginning to a happy ending

Okay ladies here it is. In the next few weeks we will break down the basic make up how to’s. From foundation to lip products, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Start by testing out colors. Go to your favorite beauty counter and test between 2-3 shades. Choosing the shade that is the closest match to your natural skin tone. Tip, summer and winter skin may be different; I find that I have to go 1 shade darker in the summer months. So it is common to have 2 different colors, that way you can even mix both shades together.

You don’t have to cake foundation on, apply only where it is needed.  I suggest focusing on your forehead; cheeks and chin area. Blend the product in gently with a foundation brush; this will eliminate the appearance of streaks. Foundation is also a great base for your eyes, so I apply a small amount of my foundation also to the eye area.

Remember that blending is very important, to make sure try moving into natural light to see if all areas of the face have been blended properly.

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2 thoughts on “Makeup application – The Basics. Part 1

  1. Love the idea of using foundation as an eye base! Thanks for the tip!

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