You’re on your way to perfect brows.

Don’t forget about your brows…Do you know that properly shaped brows complete any make up look. Brows can also add prominence to your facial features and draws attention to your eyes.

 Here are some tips when brow grooming.

  1. Walk away from the mirror and throw away your tweezers!!
  2. If you’re a first timer seek professional help (they will have a much better idea of the right shape).
  3. Create a brow schedule, know exactly how long you can go in between your clean ups – and leave them alone.
  4. Make a brow kit filled with everything you need to shape and color; brow groomer, tinted brow gels & brow pencils are some of my fav’s.

 At first it may seem weird that your brows are more noticeable than before, but trust me it will be the one step you can’t live without!

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2 thoughts on “You’re on your way to perfect brows.

  1. I don’t use a whole lot on my eyebrows at the moment, and was interested in what kind of gel and/or pencil would you recommend?

    • There are a couple of quick and easy options I would suggest.
      1. Tinted brow mascara, which will add a hint of color to even out your brows and will also help keep them in place through out the day
      2. A brow pencil with a spoolie at the end. “Spoolie” is a tool most often used in brow shaping it will help penetrate the pencil color deeper into the brow area and will also comb the brows out to soften the look.Hope this helps.


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